Jean d’Eve Quarta Automatic

The Jean d’Eve brand name has long been known for its unique and outstanding designs. This is proven once again when looking at the new Quarta Automatic collection. One glance at the dial tells you that this is no ordinary watch. The creative design of the dial reveals an unusual read out of the time.

Unlike the traditional displays, the hour indication is divided into four sectors set at the 4 corners of the watch, hence the name inspired by the 4-quarter reading format: “Quarta”.

The 12-hour indication is divided into 4 small quarters at the corners with the minute indication set in the center. Each quarter represents 3 hours, when the time-tracking is finished, the hand will return back to the starting position and the next 3 hours will be indicated by the next indicator and so forth, like a relay time-tracking system.

The see-through case back reveals the automatic movement of the watch. This model is available in 2 dial colours, black or white; with / without calendar.

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