TAG Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph 47mm

TAG Heuer presents SLR Laptimer 1/100th of a second, the innovative and accurate car-racing chronograph that celebrates McLaren-Mercedes SLR GT cars as well as Juan Manuel Fangio.

From zero to 80 kmh in 3.8 seconds, with a top speed of 300 kmh, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, launched in 2004, is one of the world’s most powerful and exclusive sports cars.

The first SLR chronograph, produced in 2004, marked the next step in a successful partnership that has linked Mercedes with TAG Heuer since 1995 (and McLaren since 1985) These high-luxury brands share the same core values: performance, design, prestige, innovation, and, of course, a passion for car racing.

The mutual history and heritage goes back even further, to 1955, the year TAG Heuer Ambassador Juan Manuel Fangio drove the first Mercedes SLR (Sports, Light, Racer) “Silver Arrow” around the hairpin bends of the Mille Miglia,” one of the most hair-raising and breathtaking circuits in motor racing. Fangio was wearing on his wrist that day, just as countless Formula One drivers ever since, a TAG Heuer timepiece – called Heuer at the time.

TAG Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph 47mm

The SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph (47mm) continues the chronograph revolution of the ground-breaking & TAG Heuer exclusive Calibre S movement, by adding 1/100th of a second “flyback” chronograph, memory & indication up to 20 laps and direct access to best lap time.

It blends the legendary TAG Heuer for Mercedes-Benz features (47mm case, patented push buttons at 45° on top of the case, bi-directional turning flange) & avant-garde designs with a legitimate motor racing functionality.

Technical details

Model: TAG Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph (47mm)

CAG7010.BA0254: Stainless steel case, black dial, and stainless steel bracelet
CAG7010.FT6013: Stainless steel case, black dial, and black rubber strap
CAG7011.BA0254: Stainless steel case, silver dial, and stainless steel bracelet
CAG7011. FT6013: Stainless steel case, silver dial, and black rubber strap

TAG Heuer Calibre S: Electro-Mechanical Chronograph
Exclusive & patented TAG Heuer movement
Time & chronograph display using central hour, minute, second hands
Chronograph: 1/100th of a second
Laptimer Function: BEST LAP time; indication up to 20 laps
Perpetual “retrograde” calendar until 2099

Black or silver dial with vertical streak effect
3 hand-applied semi-circular counters:
– At 12 o’clock lap counter with Chrono mode indicator at 9:30 and Best Lap mode indicator at 2:30
– At 4:30 1/10th second retrograde counter
– At 7:30 1/100th second retrograde counter
Hand-applied curved indexes
Polished-finished hands
Chronograph hands with red at the extremity
Luminescent markers on hands and indexes
Inner bi-directional turning bezel driven by the crown at 9 o’clock

Case diameter: 47 mm
Fine-brushed steel with polished edges
Fine-brushed fixed bezel coated with titanium carbide with tachymeter scale
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-reflective treatment
2 polished fluted crowns
Patented fine-brushed texturized push buttons inclined at 45° on top of the case
Water resistance: 100 meters

5-row fine-brushed steel bracelet with solid steel folding clasp with SLR lettering and safety push buttons OR
Black natural rubber strap with textures inspired by the lateral air intake of the SLR 722 car, polished steel folding clasp with SLR lettering and safety push buttons

October 2008 (ex La Chaux-de-Fonds)

A Brief History of SLR Chronograph

2004: The SLR Chronograph Calibre 36 R by TAG Heuer

This limited edition is exclusively reserved for the owners of the SLR dream car. Like the ultra-luxury sports car that inspired it, is an audaciously high-tech creation with the look and allure of a true classic.

Still in production and regularly acquired by new SLR owners, the SLR Calibre 36 R is powered by the 36,000 beats/hour superlative TAG Heuer mechanical chronograph movement exclusively equipped with a regulator plate separating the hour hand from the minute hand, hence faithfully reflecting the SLR dream car dashboard.

2006: TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz Enthusiast Chronograph Limited Edition

An all-new upscale chronograph with a 43mm dial and a powerful design capitalizing on the most distinctive SLR chronograph elements: pushbuttons on the top of the case, Mercedes star logo on the dial, and distinctively shaped hands.

This chronograph, dedicated to dream car lovers and sportswatch connoisseurs, comes in an exclusive limited edition of 3,500 pieces – equal to the number of SLR cars to be manufactured.

2007: TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz Limited Edition

The next stage in the evolution of the SLR series, this model combines a much more complex and aggressive look with a larger dial (45mm) and two avant-garde features specific to the SLR series: crown at 9 o’clock and patented pushbuttons set at a 45° angle. For the first time, it is also available with a rugged, powerful steel bracelet in addition to the rubber strap.

2008: TAG Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer 1/100th of a second Chronograph

The TAG Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph (47mm) is the first SLR that is not a limited edition. An important new permanent entry in the TAG Heuer catalog, the Laptimer 1/100th also represents a new advancement in TAG Heuer’s exclusive Calibre S movement. The revolutionary Calibre S has been further evolved to create a unique motor–racing inspired mechanism: combining 1/100th of a second “flyback” chronograph, memory and indication up to 20 laps, and direct access to best lap time, the new chronograph meets the highest expectations of the true racing aficionado.

Like the revolutionary and Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix awarded Microtimer in 2003, it’s not only an ultra-accurate wrist chronograph but also a timekeeping system on the wrist, this time with analog time indications display. Along with the Carrera Calibre 360 and the Link Calibre S, the SLR Calibre S Laptimer is TAG Heuer third 1/100th second analog chronograph, making TAG Heuer more than ever the master of ultimate precision in the field of luxury watches.

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