Léon Hatot Les Montres Secrètes – Zelia Classic, Zelia Sesame Audace, Sesame Aimay and Belle de Nuit

Embodying a refined heritage subtly blending tradition and innovation, the secret watches by Léon Hatot, the brand’s very DNA, now come adorned in new colours and new straps. These timepieces with their subtly concealed dials open to reveal time, or close up as if by magic to become pieces of jewellery.

Zelia Classic, Zelia Sesame Audace, Sesame Aimay or Belle de Nuit are all perfectly balanced aesthetic creations evoking the radiance of days and the voluptuous nostalgia of enchanted nights.

The cover of each of these models is crafted in countless different ways: a flurry of precious cabochon-cut stones lights up the diamond-sprinkled covers of the Sesame Aimay collection.

Cachalongs, onyx, fire opals, pink opals, white pearls, blue sapphires or turquoises vie with each other to find their place on the majestic cover. The various colours of the alligator or ostrich leather straps beautifully highlight the cases of these exquisite watches.

The famous Vendôme paving stone motif is clothed in white, yellow or rose gold, sprinkled with diamonds, to adorn the Zelia Classic watches and their bangle bracelet.

The coquettish Zelia and Sesame Audace watches are fitted with corset-satin and leather straps with numerous ribbon colours: anthracite, blue, white, red, pink, black or green, to fulfill all manner of desires.

Finally, the Belle de Nuit Aimay models sparkle in dazzling splendour with white gold cases serving as the backdrop for showers of diamonds as well as cabochon-cut gems in various colours.

Technical details

Collection: Les montres secrètes de Léon Hatot

Zelia Classic watches with bangle bracelet
Classic Zelia case, criss-cross gem-setting, 7 rows (white gold or pink gold), white mother-of-pearl dials with 4 diamonds, solid gold bangle bracelet (white or pink gold).

Sesame Aimay watches
White or pink case, diamonds and 30 cabochons
White mother-of-pearl dial
Alligator or ostrich leather strap, and pin buckle in white or rose gold and diamonds

Belle de Nuit Aimay watches
White gold case, diamonds and 12 cabochons of various sizes
White mother-of-pearl dial
Ostrich leather strap and pin buckle in white gold and diamonds
ETA quartz movement

Gemstone and strap variations:
Cacholongs and white ostrich leather, onyx and black ostrich leather, fire opals and black ostrich leather, pink opals and white ostrich leather, blue sapphires and white ostrich leather, Paraiba tourmalines and white ostrich leather, turquoises and white ostrich leather.

Zelia Sesame Audace watches
Steel case set with a line of diamonds
Black mother-of-pearl dial
Corset-laced and leather strap, steel pin buckle
ETA quartz movement

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