Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3

The Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3, which had its debut on the Baselworld 2007 watch fair, is a truly majestic timepiece equipped with technically revolutionary triple tourbillon movements.

This limited edition timepiece has no dial so that the movement and the three orbiting tourbillons can be admired in all their splendour. Each rotates at a different speed, one displaying the hours, another the minutes, and a third the seconds. The golden bezel of the watchcase towers on twelve visible columns, each serves as an hour index.

In the foreground rotates a semi-flying minute tourbillon, mounted on the cage of a flying hour tourbillon, which in turn is carried around the dial by a big 12-hour tourbillon. The power needed to move such a complex mechanism with extreme precision is delivered by twin going barrels hidden under the baseplate – a space which in conventional movements is occupied by the gear cascades. In the case of the Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3 there is no need for seperate gears, as both going train and dial train are incorporated in the ballet of tourbillons displayed on the watch face.

To obtain a logical and „organic“ rotational speed, the escapement in the semi-flying tourbillon beats at a rate of 14.400 v.p.h. or 2 Hertz. The balance wheel has a rather huge diameter (13 mm) and swings considerably slower than most contemporary movements, allowing at every turning point a glimpse at the delicately shaped mechanical marvel.

Technical details

Hand-wound, designed and crafted entirely in-house, BL 707 calibre, 32 rubies, 18,000 vib/h, series-coupled twin barrel, 72-hour power reserve, exclusive finishing

Hours (12-hour tourbillon), minutes (1-hour tourbillon), seconds (1-minute tourbillon)

18K white or red gold, 43 mm, individually-numbered

Absence of dial for admiring the perfection and exclusive finishing of the movement

Black, hand-sewn alligator leather

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