Léon Hatot Trapeze J ’aime

Amid the geometrical purity of the design of Léon Hatot’s latest creation, the minutes sweep by across the diamond-studded checkerboard: enigmatic, inaudible and elusive.

The white gold case features a shimmering spread of diamonds and precious trapeze-shaped stones. The heart of the woman in love will waver between the dazzling understatement of the model composed of a black strap teamed with onyx, diamond and white agate; and the vivid gaiety of a yellow, pink, green or blue alligator leather strap associated with yellow sapphire, rubellite, jadeite or blue sapphire.

This subtle chromatic variation of precious gemstones and straps creates a magical moment on the outer fringes of reality, where time loses its hold.

A pumpkin turned glittering carriage, the watch becomes a superb treasure, a glowing vestige of an imaginary palace dedicated to feminine beauty.

Technical details
The Trapeze J’aime watches
White gold case, diamonds and a trapeze-shaped gem
Alligator leather strap and white gold pin buckle
ETA quartz movement
Gemstone and strap variations: onyx and black strap, white diamonds and black strap, rubellite and pink strap, jadeite and green strap, yellow sapphire and yellow strap, white agate and black strap and blue sapphire and blue strap.

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