FRANC VILA FVa Nº 6 Tourbillon Planétaire Skeleton SuperLigero Concept

Presented at Baselworld 2008, the FRANC VILA FVa Nº 6 Tourbillon Planétaire Skeleton SuperLigero Concept houses an innovative mechanical movement built in an Aluminium Lithium based alloy named ”Lightnium”. This new material is an extremely low density metal, formerly reserved for state of the art aeronautical engineering. Its main characteristics are lightness combined with high tensile strength, allowing a structural weight reduction and an increase in elastic modulus.

Designed to be shock and stress resistant, FVa Nº 6 Tourbillon Planétaire Skeleton SuperLigero Concept is the result not only of an intense quest for aesthetics, but also of technical prowess. The creation of a movement with these characteristics in a material with these properties has led FRANC VILA to seek inspiration in disciplines not traditionally related to High-End Watchmaking. The structural design of the mechanism has its roots in modern architecture.

By using an extremely low density material and by reducing the movement to its minimum expression, it is made into a skeleton. Maximum stability of the system is ensured by allowing the movement to be rigid enough to stand up to the stresses of the gear train, barrel and tourbillon thereby ensuring perfect performance. The lightness of this new material means that the movement is less affected by inertial forces. This advantage, combined with its strong architectural design, makes this tourbillon the strongest and sportiest skeleton watch in its category.

The staging inspired by contemporary art is a clear expression of the artistic background of the founder of the brand. We see this in the back of the movement and the impressive cage of the tourbillon which is constructed in coloured Lightnium and decorated with the logo of the firm. This timepiece is without doubt the most impressive proof to date of the artistic and technical sensibility of Franc Vila. He once again pushes his ethos to the maximum by creating a calibre which, while being a skeleton, maintains the characteristic “Esprit Unique” shape which gives all his creations their strong and unmistakable identity.

Technically, the movement has 5 days reserve power. Its regulatory organ is a flying tourbillon which is equipped with the “Inertial Moment Control”. This control constantly and precisely regulates the tourbillon. A differential system of planetary gears allows a fast planetary winding function effectively reducing by two-thirds the number of turns needed to wind the watch.

Technical details

Black Titanium
Special “Esprit Unique” shape with elliptic and circular bezel
Crystal and caseback both in sapphire with double sided anti-glare treatment
Water resistant 100 meters

FV Nº 6 calibre
24 rubies
Flying tourbillon with inertial moment control mechanism and wheel differential system
Mechanism manufactured in the brand’s characteristic “Esprit Unique” shape, hand-made and hand-decorated
Bridge of the tourbillon and plate made in red Lightnium

Hours, minutes and power reserve indication

Transparent sapphire dials with hours and minutes indications
Power reserve indication at 9

Ultra-limited edition 8 pieces

Other versions
Case also available in Black DieHard Extreme Steel, DieHard Extreme Steel, red gold, white gold, Titanium & Gold or Titanium & DieHard Extreme Steel or Black DieHard Extreme Steel

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