Ernest Borel Venus Collection

Ernest Borel designer Adamir Debrot took the multitudinous artist mind and creativity with the ancient Greece myth “Venus”, designed Venus Collection in 1937. “Venus” is the beautiful incarnation and love symbol, Adamir Debrot ingeniously shaped the enchanting contour with the beautiful connotation, integrating to the wrist watch design, modeling graceful unique and brief line exquisite concept, just like the lovers heart to heart embracing each other. In the same year Ernest Borel obtained and Grand Prix honorary award in Greece.

In 2007, in order to continue the concept of “Romance in Heart”, Ernest Borel launched a renewed duplicate stereotype Venus Collection, which is limited edition, reappearing the old days European Romance in current modern generation.

The duplicate stereotype faithful original watch design, mixes the technology nowadays, 61 VVS1 natural dazzling diamonds on bezel, dial and buckle; 18K rose gold watch case and buckle; dark brown leather belt with silk surface, each timepiece has its independent serial number. Limited edition with 700 pieces worldwide.

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