Glycine INCURSORE HALF-HUNTER Limited Edition 04

Glycine is not only renowned as a pioneer of world time watches, but also for its “Big Size” watches. Glycine set the trend back in 1998 when it launched the first steel INCURSORE watch with a diameter of 44 mm and utilising the UT 6497 movement normally found in pocket watches.

Launched in 2004, the INCURSORE HALF-HUNTER – with the very noticeable diameter of 46 mm has joined The INCURSORE family. What makes this watch special is not only its size but its astounding case construction, a wonderfully skilful combination of tradition and innovation. As the name implies, Hunter watches were originally made for hunters, for wearing in open air, under particularly arduous conditions and often in rough weather; the watch glass was protected by a massive front cover.

Half hunter watches were similarly constructed but had a small glass covered opening in the centre of the front cover, allowing the time to be read at the centre of the watch face, with the cover closed. A whole family of military watches were made along the same principles of mechanical protection, the fragile glass parts of the watch being additionally protected by wire mesh or a cover.

Glycine has now made a synthesis of various constructional features to develop the INCURSORE HALF-HUNTER with its particularly hardwearing high quality stainless steel case which is waterproof 100 M, featuring a sapphire glass protecting the “porthole” on the cover.

In addition, a new-built triple-function screw-down steel crown secures opening/closing of the front cover as well as time setting and water resistance. Owing to the ergonomic shape of the case, this watch, in spite of its sturdy construction, fits comfortably on the wrist. The glass back allows for a view on the well-known UT 6498 movement with its chequer board decoration, blue screws and the snail-finished ratchet and crown wheels.

The INCURSORE HALF-HUNTER is exceptional both in terms of concept and design. Only 999 watches were produced, available in the Limited Edition 04 :  299 with a green dial, 300 in yellow and 400 with a black dial. The price was around CHF 1500.–.

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