DeWitt Academia Tourbillon Force Constante

Introduced at Basel World 2006, Tourbillon Force Constante is a part of Dewitt’s Academia Collection. With his passion for the exceptional, Jérôme de Witt demonstrates yet again his mastery of the art of watchmaking. Basel world 2006 witnessed the debut of his ground-breaking and ingenious regulating system for which a patent has been registered: the Tourbillon Force Constante Academia.

To achieve absolute precision in regulation, and being the perfectionist that he is, Jérôme de Witt has brought together the tourbillon, a symbol of the brand’s know-how and a remarkable regulator, with a constant force device, designed to transmit to this regulating element impulses whose energy remains identical in order to exert optimum force control, whatever the degree of winding.

A lover of superb styling, he also plays with transparency and now presents an original, playful and aesthetic composition of the timepiece movement: the two devices are clearly separated to visually highlight the elegant ballet of these masterpieces of the art of regulation.

The principle of the constant force device resides in the insertion in a traditional movement of an additional mechanism which will favourably influence regularity: its purpose is to exchange a motive power which can be variable or irregular (effort of a gear-train or barrel spring) for another perfectly constant force, whatever the degree of winding of the barrel, or more simply of the watch movement. In other words, contrary to a classical movement which experiences a progressive decrease of the force transmitted to the regulator between the initial winding torque and the end of the power-reserve, the constant force device is designed to transmit impulses whose energy remains identical and regular whatever the degree of winding of the barrel spring.

The master watchmakers at DeWitt therefore inserted between the driving force (barrel) and the regulator (tourbillon) a self-adjusting «energy transformer» – the constant force device – which absorbs once every second the force generated by the barrel and redistributes it every 10 seconds to the tourbillon.

This principle can be observed by watching the elegant inertia weight of the constant force system, in the shape of a cross terminating in four hammers, as it completes 6 revolutions per minute. To technically guarantee that the whole system around the constant force device functions effectively, three wheels which do not exist on a classic movement had to be incorporated: one third wheel to obtain a correct meshing ratio, and two intermediate wheels.

This new exclusive model by the DeWitt brand, the Tourbillon Force Constante Academia, is fitted with a DW8003 mechanical movement, manufactured in Vandoeuvres. This remarkable movement, patented by Jérôme de Witt, combines an external constant force system with a tourbillon, and presents an innovative aesthetic with the visually separated layout of its regulating devices. It is housed in the famous “Academia” case in platinum, with bezel and middle section sculpted with the «Imperial Columns» decoration which is a signature of the brand.

The charcoal grey dial with vivid red relief figuring reveals two original openings, one at 8 o’clock for the constant force device, and the other at 5 o’clock for the tourbillon frame, while the hour can be read in the central axis in the upper half. This watch is available on a dark grey alligator leather strap with a platinum folding buckle.

The Tourbillon Force Constante Academia is available in a limited series of 25 pieces in platinum. Each watch is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Mr Jérôme de Witt in his own hand.

Technical details
Mechanical, Calibre DW8003, tourbillon mechanism with constant-force device, 25 jewels Patented by Jérôme de Witt Côtes de Genève decorative motif

Hours, minutes

Platinum, 43 mm Bezel and case middle sculpted with the exclusive “Imperial Columns” motifs Sapphire crystal Screw-in sapphire crystal back Numbered

Charcoal grey, red elements in relief Hours and minutes in the upper half Opening revealing the constant-force device at 8 o’clock Opening revealing the tourbillon carriage at 5 o’clock

Grey alligator, platinum folding clasp

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