CASIO G-SHOCK Mission Impossible III Limited Edition

In May 2006, CASIO introduced a new product in its shock-resistant G-SHOCK series — the Limited Edition M:i:III (Mission Impossible III) G-SHOCK. This exclusive watch was launched to commemorate the release of the third film in the Mission Impossible movie series.

CASIO G-SHOCK Mission Impossible III Limited Edition
CASIO G-SHOCK Mission Impossible III Limited Edition

CASIO’s G-SHOCK watches are built on a rock-solid, shock-resistant base, and they continue to push the envelope in performance, functionality, design, materials and radical reliability. Their distinctive rugged look and intrepid styling have made G-SHOCK watches a hit with young people all around the world.

The “Mission Impossible” series was launched in 1996. CASIO’s shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches are a long-standing part of the Mission: Impossible story. The film’s unbeatable action hero, Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) wore G-SHOCK watches in these movies.

The Limited Edition M:i:III G-SHOCK was released in 2006 in commemoration of the release of M:i:III. Throughout the movie, Ethan Hunt wears the solar-powered G-SHOCK model MTG-910.

The limited-edition watch, based on that model, has “M:i:III” inscribed on the back face. It was supplied in highly original packaging featuring an “M:i:III” design.

Technical details

Construction: Shock-resistant construction
Water resistance: 200 meters
Size: 52.9 x 46.2 x 16.7 mm

World time: Time indicator for 30 cities in 29 time zones; daylight savings time function
Stopwatch: 1/100 second , measures up to 99’59”99; time split function
Alarm: Five alarms (one with snooze function); hour chime function

Power source
“Tough Solar” large-capacity, solar-powered system

Length of continuous operation
In power-saving state (with display disabled), approximately 21 months

Time display
Digital; 12- or 24-hour display; fully automatic calendar
EL backlight: Fully automatic EL backlight, with afterglow effect