Milus MONOCERA Haute Joaillerie “Enamel & Diamonds”

As deep blue as the evening sky, this jewellery watch from the Swiss watchmaker Milus inspires one to dream. In the MONOCERA Haute Joaillerie “Enamel & Diamonds”, the most precious materials have been combined by the very highest skills of jeweller and craftsman to create a perfect symphony.

The cobalt blue areas in enamel “Grand Feu”, produced by traditional methods, stand out like small islands, surrounded by a flood of white diamonds. The curved, tapering contour of the MONOCERA gently hugs the wrist of its sophisticated wearer. By great skill in making it from a single piece, the 18-carat white-gold bracelet is shaped to form an open ellipse.

Crowned by a tiny sphere, the style of the MONOCERA’s shape clearly proclaims the origin of its name: named after the cosmic constellation “Monozeros”, Latin for the fabulous unicorn, it shines out in supernatural beauty.

It is the awareness of special value and authenticity which makes the outstanding watches from Milus uniquely valuable pieces. The decoration of this precious jewellery watch, created entirely by hand, reflects absolute perfection with enamel and diamonds. In line with the brand philosophy, the enamel used here is the genuine material.

Enamel consists of a mixture of lead oxides and quartz sand and is corresponding in chemical composition to glass. The characteristic blue colour derives from the addition of cobalt oxide to the mixture. The technique used for the MONOCERA Haute Joaillerie “Enamel & Diamonds” is called “champlevé”.

In this extremely demanding and elaborate technique, small pieces of glass are crushed to form very fine grains. The grains are washed several times, and the cleaned, powdered mass of glass is then carefully applied with a delicate brush into the small depressions precisely prepared to suit the design of the watch, and melted into the white gold base material at high temperature (800-860°).

A total of five of these elaborate layers cover the white gold base and produce the enamel areas which arise in this way. To impart an attractive smoothness and lustre, the enamel is then ground and polished by hand. The decoration with diamonds is also carried out by hand – a delicate stream of white diamonds with a total of 1.37 carats brightens the surface of this fabulous beauty, emphasising the night-blue enamel areas with elegant refinement.

With the combination of the finest materials – together with fabulous elegance – the interplay of jewellery piece and watch shines forth in its most charming form. The delicate face in white mother of pearl harmonises beautifully with the sparkling, precious case decoration. A further detail which contributes to the enchanting appearance of the jewellery watch is the winding crown decorated with a white diamond.

Technical details

  • Movement: Swiss high-quality quartz movement
  • Case/bracelet: 18-carat white gold, decorated with a total of 1.37 carats
  • of white diamonds (Top Wesselton, IF-VVS, brilliant cut)
  • Crown with inset brilliant-cut diamond;Cobalt blue areas in enamel “Grand Feu”;Domed sapphire glass
  • Case back secured with screws
  • Available in three sizes: XXS, XS, S
  • Water-resistant to 30 m
  • Dial: White mother-of- pearl with Milus logo as “Applique”
  • Price: CHF 55’000.00
  • Introduced in 2006

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