VILLEMONT Amundsen Collection – “Arctic Explorer®” Limited Edition Lewis Pugh

On 15th July 2007, famous British explorer Lewis Gordon Pugh established a new record by swimming through the freezing waters of the North Pole braving extreme temperatures. Aim of this mission was to highlight the impact of global warming.

To celebrate its role as official timekeeper for the swimming challenge, Swiss luxury watch brand VILLEMONT produced a limited edition collection of watches specially designed to mark the occasion. A proportion of the proceeds from the sale of watches from this limited edition collection are reserved to support WWF’s fight against global warming, and in particular, their mission to save these Polar Regions.

The “Arctic Explorer® Limited Edition Lewis Pugh”, a sporty, masculine yet elegant automatic chronograph, was the model that accompanied Lewis Gordon Pugh throughout his voyage to the North Pole. Limited to only 50 pieces, this watch is equipped with the Solar Navigator® navigation system which allows easy orientation based on the position of the sun and shade. All 50 watches travelled with two explorers to the North Pole and function perfectly after withstanding the extreme temperatures.

This limited edition watch is designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding connoisseurs, both in terms of its functions and its modern appearance. The British Racing Green shade of this watch harks back to the illustrious British racing cars around at the turn of the last century, and gives the piece a chic, sporty appeal. The use of the colour green also highlights Lewis Pugh’s environmental campaign and his aim to raise general awareness of the issue of global warming.

The movement of this watch remains faithful to the VILLEMONT tradition by meeting the highest standards in terms of testing and water-resistance. The bridge of the rotor and the oscillating weight are fully decorated with the “Clou de Villemont®”, the brand’s distinctive V-shaped pattern, and these are visible via a transparent sapphire case-back.

The bezel featuring the Solar Navigation System – an essential tool for explorations in extreme conditions and a manual alternative to the universal GPS system – enables the wearer to navigate in all conditions without having to rely on batteries or the position of satellites. It works simply by aligning the number on the bezel corresponding to the hour indicated on the dial with the hour hand.

For example, if it is 15:00 (3pm), position the bezel so that the number 15 on the bezel is opposite the hour hand (at 3 o’clock). The sun symbol R is then opposite the SW mark on the dial; which indicates that the sun is in the southwest. The other cardinal points can then be easily calculated.

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