Blancpain Tourbillon Diamants (Spécialités Collection, Ref. 2926-5222-92)

The innovative and exclusive Blancpain “baguette” setting is to jewellery what the tourbillon is to watchmaking. Prestigious, complex and crafted by the most expert artisans, this unprecedented gem-setting technique is making a noteworthy entrance onto the watchmaking stage in conjunction with Blancpain Calibre 25A, a self-winding tourbillon movement with a 7-day power reserve.

Since 1735, Blancpain has presented a substantial number of world firsts. The original and exclusive “baguette” setting adorning the new Tourbillon Diamants is entirely in line with this philosophy of constant innovation. Lit up by the fire of 480 diamonds totalling 58 carats, this exceptional model has been treated to cutting-edge techniques used to clothe it in the glory of a full-set dial, bezel, case middle, lugs and bracelet.

Blancpain Tourbillon Diamants watch

This unprecedented gem-setting technique creates a truly unique visual effect. The unstructured setting of the baguette-cut diamonds is incredibly complex in terms of both the arrangement and the specific size of each stone. The classic round shape of the watch increases the difficulty, since each diamond is precisely adjusted to fit smoothly within the whole. The variable dimensions and positioning of the dial enhance the splendour of the multiple facets with their stunningly luminous sparkling reflections.

The outward radiance of this exceptional timepiece is matched by its inner beauty, since the Tourbillon Diamants houses Blancpain Calibre 25A, a mechanical self-winding movement endowed with a 7-day power reserve and made up of 239 parts. As one would expect from an Haute Horlogerie model, the bevelling, Côtes de Genève decoration and circular graining are all performed by hand by skilled and experienced artisans.

The 40 mm-diameter white gold case of the Tourbillon Diamants is water-resistant to 100 metres. Its sapphire crystal enables one to admire the hand finishing of all the parts and to follow the gentle swaying motion of the hand-chased platinum oscillating weight.

The articulated white gold bracelet, full-set with diamonds totalling 42 carats, reflects the elegance and prestige of the diamonds that appear to be literally leaping out of the dial.


There has always been a peculiar allure to gem-set watch dials. Their radiance and luminosity have placed them on a unique pedestal in watch design. Dial designers, however, have heretofore been constricted in their jewelled dial creations. To be properly anchored, jewels have been traditionally placed with their upper part on the dial surface and secured by a claw setting on the dial. Classic claw setting provides a robust result, but does not allow a full range of artistic freedom in its results.

In the world first Léman Tourbillon Grande Date Diamants which debuted in 2006, Blancpain revealed its secret for liberating dial designers from the restrictions of the past. Blancpain’s craftsmen discovered an ingenious, and now patented, solution for bringing together jewels and a dial, termed “rail setting”.

Instead of placing the jewels on the top surface of the dial and holding them in place via claws, with rail setting the jewels are placed in a trough, entered from the back side of the dial and anchored in place by grains positioned beneath the dial and therefore out of sight.

The effect is mesmerizing. Rather than appearing as a separate “add on” to the dial, the rail effect jewels blend seamlessly into the dial, shimmering in their settings even with the top surface of the dial. Blancpain’s dial designers through this world first setting method opened the doors to an entirely new sphere of refinement and elegance in the design of jewelled dials.

Technical details

Model: Blancpain Spécialités Collection: Tourbillon Diamants (Ref. 2926-5222-92)

Calibre 25A
Self-winding movement
Thickness: 4.85 mm
Diameter: 23.90 mm
Power-reserve: 168 hours
Rubies: 29
Components: 238

White gold 1 row set with baguette diamonds
Thickness: 12.48 mm
Diameter: 40.00 mm
Water-resistance: 100m
Sapphire case back
Width between horns: 21.00 mm

White gold dial set with 115 diamonds,

Bracelet set with 242 diamonds, self-winding

Carat measurement
Case: 8.6
Bracelet: 42.4
Total: 58

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